High Summer

This year, we launch our first ever ‘High Summer’ Golfwear collection. In this post, we’ll be exploring the collection, its features, and why it’s the natural next step in our century-long golfing story.

How heritage became high summer

As any golf fan worth their salt will know, we’ve got a long history in the game, and this history has gone a long way to shape the brand we’ve become today. In fact, golfwear is where our iconic Golden Eagle got its start. Launched alongside our first-ever collection of golfwear in the 1960s, the emblem was inspired by the eagles that inhabit Gleneagles golf course near St Andrews. These eagles are unique to Scotland and, as such, pay homage to our home and heritage, as well as the golfing excellence for which we quickly became known. Adorned by the titans of the game, the Golden Eagle came to represent the seamless combination of form and function.

After soaring through the 70s and 80s, the Golden Eagle has become a permanent feature on all our garments and, fittingly, takes centre stage for our newest golf collection: High Summer. Inspired by our unrivalled golfing heritage, the collection is diverse by design and provides stylish, performance-driven options for every kind of modern golfer. The Classic, The Rebel, The Wannabe Pro – no matter who you are or where you come from, there’s a piece for you in the Lyle & Scott High Summer ’22 collection.

What’s new?

What is it that makes High Summer so special? How is it different to the time-tested golf clothing that we’ve been crafting for generations? Here are the headlines:

The latest in garment technology is at the very heart of this new collection: one of the greatest innovations that our design team have brought to the table is the introduction of Bamboo Charcoal. Weaved in with recycled polyester, this lightweight fabric offers stretch, moisture-wicking, and anti-odour features that will keep you feeling clean, comfortable, and competitive at all times.

Aesthetically, the collection centres around archive-inspired textures. After digging into our near-bottomless design archives, the team have emerged with a High Summer capsule that combines these archive textures with artisanal embroidery details. The result is a new character in the Lyle & Scott family – Gregor – who takes the place of our Eagle on selected garments and is shown swinging a club in traditional golfing attire. The pieces that take his name include a tight selection of styles that reimagine Lyle & Scott’s golfing heritage for the innovative, inclusive modern golfer.

On top of this, the collection is littered with premium materials such as Merino Wool, Thermal Silver Linings, and performance-enhancing Graphene which allow for peak performance without sacrificing on premium style. Check out these new looks that showcase these latest technological and stylistic features:

I think I see a pattern…

But wait! There’s more… As well as technological and textural innovations, the High Summer range introduces all-new patterns to the Lyle & Scott collection that will give you a showstopping fairway fit.

Perhaps the boldest new design is the Topographic Map, which can be seen in our Contour pieces. Directly inspired by the ariel view of a golf course – as if seen by a Golden Eagle soaring above – this pattern brings a statement but relatable look to the range that looks equally vivid on jacquard knitwear and printed polos as it does in the form of a subtle inner placket contrast or embroidery addition.

Next up is the Classic Microstripe jersey which makes for a lightweight, breathable, fabric that offers great stretch, wicking, breathability, softness on the skin, and a timeless golfing look that will be stylish season after season.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Eagle Jacquard. A fabric engineered exclusively for Lyle & Scott, this jacquard construction not only creates ‘super-dry’ zones that increase breathability and moisture wicking, but will also have you standing out from the crowd, adorned all over in a symbol of golfing heritage, quality, and couture.

The Windjammer

There’s just one more standout look that we couldn’t showcase High Summer without… The Windjammer. Originally debuted by Lyle & Scott in the 1990s as an independent, performance-driving membrane designed to keep the elements at bay, the Windjammer has been reinterpreted for High Summer as three full-fledged weather-resistant garments. With windproof and PFC-free water repellence, this protective fabric has been made into a hooded jacket, a quarter-zip midlayer, and a pair of trousers so that you can look the part no matter the weather. If you’re looking for an all-in-one performance-style crossover that will never let you down, look no further.

The rest is up to you

At Lyle & Scott, we’re big believers in old dogs and new tricks: instead of letting a century of golfing heritage keep us close-minded, stuck-in-the-past traditionalists, we use our story to inspire innovation that prioritises performances but never sacrifices style. What could be better proof of that than our new High Summer collection? Whoever you are, however you play, play with Lyle & Scott. After all, it’s our game…

What’s next?

To shop the full High Summer golfwear range, including the Contour and Gregor pieces, discover our selection of golfwear using the link below.

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